Your Artwork


Personalisation of your chosen item is done in-house and to ensure you get a high quality print we have put together a few recommendations.

The processes we use are as follows:
Embroidery, direct to garment and transfer (using white ink technology), Sublimation (ideal for corporate gifts) and vinyl.

Please be aware that if your artwork does not meet our recommended standard it will not qualify for a refund or reprint.





  • File Format: png, jpeg, psd, png
  • Please not that small letters, serif fonts and complicated designs may not be suitable for embroidery
  • Minimum letter height 5mm, any smaller will make in illegible
  • Some of the finer detail will be lost on complicated designs
  • Please be aware that embroidery requires more space than printing

Printing (DTG)

dtgPrinting (Direct to Garment)

  • File Format: psd, png,esp or cdr
  • Format: CMYK
  • Best Results: 300dpi
  • Transparent Background
  • Image size
    • Large Print 16 x 20 inch
    • Medium Print 14 x 16 inch
    • Small Print 10 x 12 inch
    • Sleeve Print 4 x 4 inch

Printing (Transfer)

transferTransfer Printing

  • File Format: png, psd, eps, ai or cdr
  • Format: CMYK
  • Best Results: 300dpi
  • Transparent Background
  • Maximum Image Size: A4
  • Minimum Letter Height: 5mm

Printing (Sublimation)

transferSublimation Printing

  • File Format: png, psd, ai, esp, cdr
  • Format: RGB
  • Best Results: 300dpi
  • Maximum Image Size: A4

Printing (Vinyl)


  • File Format: psd, png, ai, esp
  • Transparent Background
  • Name of font maybe required
  • Maximum of 3 colours
  • Not recommended for complicated artwork

Business Cards & Leaflets